Dear G

sabato, agosto 30, 2008

Dear G,

I'm writing you some words to remember our time together in these few months. I'd like to spend more and more time with you, cause everything with you is funny and interesting.
And as I told you yesterday, I'm sorry because I didn't spend more time with you in these days because of my problems, but I'm sure you understand.

I'm so glad to have met you that I can't even find the words to express it. We are so different and so similar. We met probably in the perfect moment to share part of our lives, we understood at first glance and I think nothing can be more cool than this.

We spend together some extremely fun moments and even confidence hours that has been really important to me.

I'm a little sad because of your leaving, but I also understand you have to. I'll wait you'll come back to Italy on holiday and you know that there will always be a room with indipendent bathroom for you here!
And we know also that this is just a goodbye, cause I'm really intentioned to come to Sidney next year and meet you there.

I'll stay here, in this town you love and probably I hate, and I'll think to all the things we did together with a big smile on my face, cause you enlightened my spring and my summer.
I'll think to all our "last drink" that always became a long alcholic night, to all our "bicchieri di allegria" (translated wouldn't be good enough), to all our ad-libbed parties, to our short weekend at the seaside, to our singing at the Smile's mic, to your playing table-football, to our photos, to your narration about your trips that always charmed me, to your bithday party and to mine, to our crazyness and fun, to our secrets and to our young friendship.

I never getted on someone so fast as with you and probably this is the cause of why I'm so misty right now.
I'm really happy of our yesterday meeting, it has been cool to go shopping with you, to drink some spritz, to eat with you and to talk about us, about the future. It has been a perfect way to greet and to try avoid tears.

I'm happy to have met you. You're so cool and fun and sunny and unforgettable.

Fortunately there's the web, there's Facebook, there's e-mail, there's Skype and the world seems no more so big.

I'll miss you so much,
with Love

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